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On site we are able to produce freshly prepared chips from our specialist unit.

We do all the hard work for you.

No preparation - ready to cook.

Order 25KG of potatoes and you will get 25KG of chips.  No waste!  (we have a special deslithering machine too!)


Our Chips

We are able to produce:

Skin on fries

Skin off fries

Chunky Chips Skin On

Chunky Chips Skin Off

Pre peeled whole potatoes

Our chips are vacuumed packed and have a shelf life of 7-10 days..

They are fresh chips.  They have not been precooked or blanched and they are not suitable for freezing.


Our stores are perfect for chipping potatoes and we know how to refrigerate them exactly. In addition we get to know your taste and select the best potato variety to your needs for the time of year.  



How do I get some?

Please use our contact form to discuss your requirements that your business needs.


We also supply our chips in our own on site farm shop in the fridge for personal use.

We supply currently Devon and Cornwall only at this time. 

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