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Our potatoes and crops

We predominantly specialise in premium potato growing, however throughout the year we grow a variation of high quality crops to help aid us in getting a perfect crop rotation to benefit the potatoes. 

Potatoes are all available washed and unwashed. We supply the potatoes to our customers in the form of all standard sizes of bags/pre packed (25KG, 12.5KG, 5KG and 2KG) baking potatoes 40 and 50 count/ boxed potatoes. We offer washed or unwashed and one tonne boxes wooden or plastic boxes used to meet your requirements. Bulkers are welcome.  We are very flexible so if you require a specification that’s not above please do not hesitate to contact us. Delivery service is available locally offered by ourselves.  Our fresh chips have couriers in place.


Our customers include; fish and chip markets, bakeries and producers, crisping supplies, potato merchants and local farm shops.  And of course we supply Colwith Farm Distillery, our farm shop and our chipping unit for Colwith preprepared potatoes.  

We are proud to be a part of the Crop Assured Produce Scheme - Red Tractor.  

RTA_Scheme_Farms_Fresh (2).png

Potato varieties include:


  • Wilja

  • Opal

  • Lady Anna

  • Melody

  • Premiere

  • Markies

  • Maris Peer

  • Maris Piper

  • Sagitta

  • Marfona

  • Lady Amarilla

  • Accord

  • Taurus

  • Endeavor

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