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Clive Dustow


Stafford Dustow moved to Colwith Farm, Mid Cornwall in 1904.

The family farmed mixed arable and mixed stock for many years.  In 1939 Stafford's son Stanley moved to Colwith from another owned neighbouring farm.  

Clive Dustow (son of Stanley) helped farm at Colwith during WW2 to help feed the nation.

Clive and Pauline (dec) have two children called Mike and Anne.  Mike went on to work closely along side Clive running the farm.  

As time went on the farm gradually phased out livestock and other crops after successfully growing potatoes for 70 years.  (the last being sheep in 2017)

Mike and wife Sue had two children (named Steve and Chris)

Chris started working on the farm at a young age, and once finishing school began to help and develop the farm.

Chris and wife Clare have three children.  Chris is the fifth generation of Dustow's to farm at Colwith.  

Steve and his family have holiday properties on the farm and of course Cornwall's first plough to bottle distillery using Colwith's finest potatoes for the spirit.  

The Dustow family have quite the reputation for fantastic tasting potatoes locally.  


Pictured: Clive Stafford Dustow (Sadly Dec March 2024)


Who are we

Pictured from L-R (Adults)  Mike, Sue, Clive (now Dec), Chris and Clare Dustow.

Clive pictured is the third generation farmer.  He sadly passed away at Colwith Farm in March 2024 aged 92 years.  He was the glue to the farm and was very active until his early 90's providing his guidance and valued opinion always.  

Mike (Clive's son) is also still working hard on the farm also. He oversees the crops when they are growing and assisting in deliveries.  He enjoys motorbikes in his spare time and spending time with his wife and six  grandchildren.

Chris is probably the person you will liaise with most.  He is the real Mr Potato head overseeing all the operations.  His passion is the farm and providing an excellent service. Chris's wife Clare Dustow works behind the scenes dealing with the farms compliance, health and safety, employment, accounts and farm shop.  They have three young children who all love the farm life.  


British Farming Awards


Colwith Farm Potatoes were delighted to be crowned Family Farming Business of the Year at the British Farming Awards.  An event hosted by Vernon Kay.

'Family is at the heart of everything we do.'

The farm were filmed on the evening in Birmingham and in the Summer of 2019 by The Farmer's country show down TV Show which aired on BBC One in January 2020 and BBC Two in May 2020.



Chris and Mike Dustow pictured receiving the Family Farming Business of the Year Award, October 2019.  


Chris Dustow was awarded Commercial Farmer of the Year Award at The Cornwall Farm Business Awards in October 2021.


Colwith Farm Shop received The Duke of Cornwall's Farm Diversification Award in 2021.  

Colwith Farm Distillery

Colwith Farm Distillery

In 2014 Steve Dustow (Son of Partner Mike Dustow) developed Cornwalls' first potato vodka using Colwith Farms' potatoes on the family farm.  Colwith Farm Distillery was constructed in 2017 and opened it's doors in 2018 to the public.  This is Cornwall's first single estate distillery and open for tours, tasting and gin making masterclasses and experiences.  This is also the home of Aval Dor Gin and where other alcohol products are also made for other companies. 

For three consecutive years Aval Dor Vodka has won Best Vodka in the World.

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